Here at OB One church we believe that every Christian is called to full- time ministry.

Whether you are–or want to be–a pastor, worship leader, lawyer, teacher, church administrator, or doctor, this internship is designed to set you in motion by constructing a strong, solid foundation to build upon for the rest of your life.

The Internship will give you practical and relevant tools for every area, including leadership, ministry and relationships. When Jesus said He wanted us to further His kingdom, He was calling the church to shape people into powerful leaders who are abundantly passionate for Him.

Our first desire is to make you into that kind of leader and give you the tools to successfully lead others to be the same. So if you are looking for an internship in a contemporary Christian church, the search is over.

worship fix

The purpose of the Worship Track is to train and empower individuals to use their leadership and artistic gifting to minister in excellence to God, to effectively lead the church and to relevantly reach out to their world with the message of Jesus Christ. It is designed to develop the heartbeat and creativity of a God-centered worshipper and creative innovator and is structured to equip interns for authentic ministry environments. It includes training in worship ministry leadership, song writing, practical and theoretical musicianship and song analysis. There are 3 different focuses: the Vocal Focus, the Musician Focus and the Song-Writing Focus.


The Vocal Focus prepares interns who minister through their voice to display their vocal abilities competently and to confidently lead others to do the same. Topics for this focus include:  Relevant and practical theory Techniques Stage skills


 The Musician Focus prepares those who desire to minister through their instrument to display their abilities competently and to confidently lead others to do the same. Topics for this focus include:  Relevant and practical theory Technique Stage skills


The Song-Writing Focus prepares those who wish to minister through song. Topics for this focus include:  Developing a potential song idea Industry-standard techniques and methods Recording an album Performance experience Marketing to a particular audience.


  This track is designed for interns who have a passion to guide and grow believers of all ages to effectively use their gifts to grow the local church. There are 4 different focuses: Kids Focus, Youth Focus, Young Adults Focus, Adult Focus and Outreach.


The Kids Focus is designed for interns who feel called to engage and cultivate young children to become spiritual champions who will change culture. Topics covered in this focus include:  Building a successful children’s ministry team Leading volunteer teams Creating fun and age-appropriate learning environments    Outreach  Coordinating social justice projects, community outreach, local & global missions, and implementing creative outreach into all areas of the church.  Event coordination Missions administration Developing relationships in the community Fund raising


The Youth Focus is designed for interns who feel called to make a difference in the lives of young people aged 12-18. Interns will learn how to effectively minister to youth from adolescence to young adulthood using techniques geared towards the particular, spiritual, cultural and psychological development of kids within this age range. Topics covered in this focus include:  Preparing for evening youth service Following up with guests who came to the service Planning the youth weekend experiences Teaching and facilitating the youth weekend experiences Organizing youth activities Being present at JH and HS campuses around the San Diego area


The Young Adults Focus is designed for interns who have a passion to connect with people aged 18-25 in a relevant and fun way. Topics covered in this focus include:  Preparing and leading a small group-driven young adult community Planning social justice and community outreaches Strategizing and planning young adult services and activities


  The Adult Focus is designed for interns who have a passion to minister to adults. This focus includes those who are interested in a lead pastor or an associate pastor role. Interns will learn the skills needed to foster genuine Christian community, to gain wisdom in church leadership and to learn strategic growth models. Topics covered in this track include:  Community/Small Groups Church Business & Management Preaching/Teaching Pastoral Care Leadership Development Core Theology


 The Media Production track trains the intern with a combination of leadership, theology, and audio/video production to develop passion, purpose and industry- validated skills. This track is designed for interns who are interested in any of the following areas:  Lighting and sound techniques  Service production Video scripting and editing Animation Marketing Graphic and web design.

Covered in this track:
  • Venue & Location Camera Operation
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Visual Design for Video
  • Location Sound Recording
  • Storytelling and Scripting
  • Vision switching and Directing
  • Production Team Management
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Marketing  & communication strategies


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internship in a Christian church in San Diego, California 


Christian church internship in San Diego, California
Internship in a Christian church in San Diego 

 Contemporary Christian church internship opportunity in San Diego

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