What to do when the Christian life is boring

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Life Group Questions

  1. Feel free to ask your own questions because you know your group better. The points of the sermon were:
    1. Christians lived with a deep sense of a mission, insideĀ  and outside of the the church
    2. serving one another was a lifestyle, and going to the streets (non Christians) and talking about God and representing God’s kingdom
    3. We need to see church as a family, and when we do so “serving” is part of our life
    4. When we see life as a mission, we are intentional about our mission.
    5. In a “missional” mindset everything is connected and everything makes sense. Traffic is prayer time, the office is a mission field, the money we make can be used to bless others, the place of hobbies and everywhere we go can be a place where God can be glorified.
  2. Read Acts 4:32-35 and Acts 5:12-16. Talk about the deep sense of a mission that they had within the church and outside of the church.
  3. How would your life look like is in everything you did you had a missionary mindset. What would change?
  4. Is the church a family to you, or is it a place you go to?
  5. The 21st century church needs to change the “consumer” mentality to a “owner” mentality. What would change in volunteering your time if you saw OB One as you family?
  6. Take time to pray for each other
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