SUNDAYS 9 & 10:15 AM
Welcome to OB One
SUNDAYS 9 & 10:15 AM

OB One Church Indoor/Outdoor Gathering

OB One church is offering two “In-person”  Indoor/Outdoor & Online Services at 9 & 10:15 am.

Online services at 9 & 10:15 am at

In-Person Indoor & Outdoor

We’ll be using our patio as the outdoor area, and the sanctuary, cafe area, and family room as the indoor environment.

We’ll be placing a TV on the patio with live streaming of what is happening inside. So if you feel safer staying outdoor you can join us and stay at the patio. Bring your dog to church if you are planning to stay outside.

How about Kids ministry and the youth
We are offering Kid’s ministry and Youth Programs ONLY at 10:15 am service for now. If you like to serve please email Brandon Follin at



Outdoor// Indoor // Online Services every Sunday
Location: OB One Church & Online
(See exact location in the map below)

OB One Church's Patio

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