• Mixed “Nuts”
    Mixed “Nuts” Paul & Leigh Ann

    Tuesday 7 pm
    Meets at OB One Venue

  • Norm & Lauren
    Norm & Lauren Mixed Group (All ages)

    Tuesday 7 pm
    Meets in Point Loma

  • Davis & Elise
    Davis & Elise Young Adults(20s & 30s)

    Tue 7:15 pm
    Meets in OB


  • Ty & Amy
    Ty & Amy Families Group

    5:30 @ Bay Park
    Childcare Provided

  • Will
    Will Men's Group

    Meets at OB One

  • Women (Portuguese)
    Women (Portuguese) Ady & Lara

    Wed 6:30 pm

    Meets at OB One

  • Youth Group (Teens)
    Youth Group (Teens) Pastor Jonny Rizzo

    Wed 6:30 pm

    Meets at OB One


  • Sofia
    Sofia Women's Group (Portuguese)

    10:15 am
    Meets in Bay Park
    Childcare upon Request

  • Women (Portuguese) Fatima
    Women (Portuguese) Fatima

    Thu 6:30 pm

    Meets at OB One

  • Mel & Christina
    Mel & Christina Mixed Group (All Ages)

    Thursday 6:30 pm

    Meets in Point Loma


  • Kalin & Joel
    Kalin & Joel Family Life Group

    6PM @ Point Loma 
    Childcare Provided

  • Dara & Valerie
    Dara & Valerie Women's Life Group

    9:30 am @ OB One
    Childcare Provided

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