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The San Diego Rescue Mission saves lives.

For more than 50 years it has been more than our purpose – it has been our privilege — to help San Diego’s homeless and poor populations create better lives for themselves and, in turn, build a better community for us all Our comprehensive programs  meet basic needs, then go further. They help our clients address the challenges behind their homelessness for positive, lasting change.  They provide an opportunity for those in need to take control of their lives, find a new level of stability, and return to their communities as fulfilled, contributing members of society.

At the San Diego Rescue Mission we are extremely proud of the fact that lives are saved through our critical services.

We also know we do not achieve this alone.
It is only through generous support from thousands of people that we are able to carry out our life-saving work.
Thousands of people just like you.
It is your commitment to the 10,000 homeless in San Diego County – and your confidence in us to make their lives better – that allows us to create positive, lasting change for people in need.

Your gift to our organization is in turn a special gift to those we serve. Each one makes a difference.

We thank you for standing up for your neighbors in need.
We thank you for partnering with us to bless thousands of San Diego’s homeless and poor.
We thank you for making San Diego a better place.
The love you share through your generosity might be just the thing that gives someone the hope, and the will, to turn their life around.

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