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All things work together for GOOD

By August 31, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions 

  1. Read Romans 8:28 and ask “What have you learn Sunday after hearing the message?”
  2. We read Romans 8:28 and the emphasis was on the word “together”. Meaning, every event, and season of our lives are ingredients to an ultimate good. Like baking a cake.
  3. Let’s talk about our identity and God’s identity. Our mistakes, pain, suffering, bad seasons,… is not who we are, and it’s not who God is.
    1. We are a child of God in Christ Jesus. We are loved, we are made in the image of God… and nothing can change that.
    2. God is still good and perfect, all-powerful, all-loving,… and our pain and hardship do not change that.
  4. Have you had a hardship that later you saw the “ultimate good?” If so, would you please mind sharing
  5. Sunday we talked about 4 ultimate goods that God is working through suffering
    1. Hardships, pain and suffering are supposed to:
      1. Draw us near to God. (Like a child to the parents when he/she gets hurt)
      2. To know God in a way you did not know HIM before (Like the disciples when they say Jesus calm the waves and the winds)
      3. To grow our character, and make us a better human being. More humble, loving, kind, dependent on God, … (Romans 8:29 – In the image of His son)
      4. To help others that are going through the same struggle we have been through.
        1. Which one speaks to you the most?
  6. What you think God is working in you in this season of your life?
  7. Take some time to pray for one another

Bible Passages Read Sunday

  1. Romans 8:26
  2. Romans 8:28-29
  3. Romans 5:3-4
Julian Malotti