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Breakthrough: Bold Obedience

By February 3, 2015No Comments

Life Group Leader Announcement

We want the whole church to be able to experience the Holy Spirit, and one of the environments to do that is in the Life Groups. There are many ways that the Holy Spirit can be encountered. Some examples are: through reading the Bile, through prayer, worship, quiet time (To listen to His voice), fasting, etc… Be creative and create environments in your life group, so that everyone would experience the Holy Spirit. So as an example, get your smartphone, connect to speakers and play 3 or 4 songs of worship before discussion starts. (Play songs we play Sunday so that people are familiar with it). Another way is encourage a 5 minute quiet time, to pray, read, and listen to God, etc…. The point is to be creative, and create environments for people to get closer to the Holy Spirit of God. Another idea would be to share this vision with the group, and ask their input on some ideas on how to encounter the Holy Spirit. Write down the ideas and do 1 each week.

Life Group Questions

1.     Take some time in prayer about unleashing the Holy Spirit in your life group and personal lives.
2.     How did God speak to you through the sermon?
3.     Read Acts 5:12-32.  In this passage we learn that bold obedience releases God’s power in our lives.  The Apostles were boldly obedient to preach the word and God used them to heal people, do miracles, and even set them free miraculously while in prison.  How has God unleashed His power in your life when you have stepped out in bold obedience?  Are there some areas where you are struggling with being obedient?
4.     Many people believe that if you are obedient to God you will not face persecution or hard times, such as relationship problems, job loss, social persecution, or health problems.  But scripture plainly teaches this is not the case.  Pastor Joe made a bold statement that if you are not ready to face opposition then you are not ready to be used by God.  Do you agree or disagree?  (John 15:20-21)
5.     Read Acts 5:27-29.  The Apostles say it is better to please God than man.  Do you find this truth difficult to implement in your life?  For example, are you often disobeying God out of fear of what others may think?
6.     The Apostles were able to be obedient because of their faith in God.  In contrast, we read in Hebrews 3:19 the people of Israel were not able to enter into God’s promise because of their unbelief which led to their disobedience.  Is unbelief preventing you from bold obedience to God?  If so in what way?
7.     Spend some time in prayer that everyone in the group would grow in bold obedience to God.

Bible verses read Sunday

Luke 11:28
Acts 5:12-32
Acts 5:32
1 Samuel 15:22
John 15:20-21
Acts 5:27-29
Hebrews 3:19
Hebrews 11:8
Acts 5:40-42
2 Corinthians 4:17-18
John 16:33
Julian Malotti