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Life Group Announcements

Life Group Questions

  1. Summary of Colossians Chapter 3 – Feel free to share  this summary with the group. This will bring everyone to be on the same page before the conversation starts. (The summary should not take more than 5 minutes). In chapter 3 God is teaching us a new pattern of living. A new thinking “v2-3 Set your minds on things above and not on earthly things”, v5-9a new behavior (God will help us put to death all our bad behavior and put on a new one), v10 that this new life is available to everyone that comes to Christ from the bottom of their hearts. v12-14 describes the transformation that God is doing in all of us in Christ.
  2. And this last Sunday pr Joe taught on v15-17. Let’s read it. Read Colossians 3:15-17
  3. Did you takes notes Sunday? What is the 1 thing you would like to share about Sunday’s Message that you felt God was speaking directly to you.
  4. v15 talks about a new peace. Peace of Christ in us, and peace with each other in the church. Read Philippians 4:7 and talk about the momentary peace, and compare it with the peace of God. How do you get distracted and go after earthly peace and forget about God’s peace.
  5. v16 Talks about a new GUIDE for life. The BIBLE. It will be common to read the Bible or come to church and hear something you did not like to hear because the Bible corrects us. What was a teaching of the Bible that you did not like to hear at first that now you get it.
  6. v17 NEW MOTIVATION – DO everything as if we are doing for GOD. How should that change everything we do?
  7. Pray for 15 minutes for one another


Julian Malotti