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EasterPromises of God

Easter 2014 – Promise of Eternal Life

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Digging Deeper with Life Group

Announcements: #1 – Prayer and worship night this Friday; #2 Continue to pray for pastor Joe’s recovery and for the staff, #3 Men retreat is May 16 and 17, $50 and it is in Julian, CA. More info go to OB One’s website. #4 

  1. Feel free to take this life group and make it a “prayer life group”. This means spending the whole hour and a half just sharing and praying for one another. (One idea is to do one person out of time. Ask the person to share his/her prayer requests and right after it pray for him/her alone, then do the same with everyone.) If not, here are the sermon questions:
  2. Let’s read 1 Corinthians 15:2-8 and verses 12-20 and meditate on it.
  3. Ask the group “what jumps at you from this passage?”
  4. It’s important for every Christian to understand the concept that Jesus died for our sin, and resurrected on third day,(v3-4) because Jesus alone, defeated sin and death. Ask the group if they have any questions about this, if there is anything anyone want to say to help the group to better understand these 2 realities. (This is important to know when sharing our faith)
  5.  Read 1 Corinthians 15:6-7 and 2 Peter 1:16-17 and talk about how important is to follow a book that is not only inspired by the Holy Spirit but also written by thousands of eyewitnesses?
  6. What other ways knowing that we are headed to eternal life builds up your faith, and change your perspective on earthly concerns?
  7. PRAYER TIME – Take 20 minutes for prayer requests. Say something like this “We need to wrap up in 20 minutes so in 1 minute or less how can we be praying for you?”  Break up in groups of 3 and pray for 5-10 minutes for one another. Then close with a group prayer. (This is just an idea of how to use the last 20-25 minutes of life group without neglecting prayer time. Feel free to to it in your style, but keep prayer always a priority in the group)
Julian Malotti