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Life Group Questions for Genesis 3—Life Alert

1.     How did the Holy Spirit speak to you this week?  And Sunday Through this sermon?
2.     Read Genesis 3:1-6.  Here Satan gets Adam and Eve to doubt God’s word/promise.  What promise/word is Satan enticing you to doubt and leading you to sin?
3.     We also read that Satan is casting doubt on God’s goodness as though God is seeking to keep something good from Adam and Eve.  Do you believe God wants to keep something good from you?  Are God’s commands meant to be a burden or a blessing?  How do they feel and why?
4.     Adam and Eve chose to believe Satan over God and they sinned.  What immediately happened after that?  What did God do?  Why did God go looking for Adam and Eve?  How is that relevant to your walk with God?  Do you believe God is looking for you?
5.     Why was Adam afraid or more accurately ashamed?  How does shame affect our walk with God?
6.     Adam and Eve made clothes our of fig leaves to cover their nakedness.  What do we do today to cover our nakedness/sin?   
7.     If Adam and Eve were already clothed why did God have to make animal skin clothes?  What was that a foreshadowing of?  And most important, are you willing accept God’s covering or are you happy with your metaphorical fig leaves?
8.     Pray for each other.
Julian Malotti