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Impact Babylon

God is faithful until the End

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Facilitator, you know your group the best. Choose to go as deep as you want with these questions, read the room & choose the best course of the discussion. It is entirely possible that God will stir up a discussion that is not found in these questions. You don’t have to answer all of these questions together. It’s not an assignment to complete
Make sure to pray together before you start, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time together. It’s possible that there are more questions to be answered here then you will have time for tonight. Select the ones that you think will be the most productive for your group.
Impact Babylon – Week 10
Scripture Context: Daniel 10-12
  • Can I make an impact, as a citizen of heaven, in Babylon?
Q1: Pastor Josh opened up the sermon by explaining that there was a lot to cover, and so he was choosing to simplify things so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed by all the info that needed to be covered.
What parts of Scripture seem like a lot to take in for you? Which books or sections feel like drinking from a fire hose or like you’re being dropped into deep water?
Q2: Chapter 10 “Do not be afraid, you are beloved.”
When we talk about the “end times,” does that scare you? Josh said, “Satan doesn’t want you to know the future.” And we see the angel in chapter 10 had to fight for 21 days to get to Daniel. Things can feel overwhelming.
But, when we read scripture & hear God’s promises we should be encouraged. There is spiritual warfare, & we need to be aware of it daily.
How do you see the devil trying to stack things up to overwhelm you, our city, our culture or the world?
How does God remind you that He is in charge and that we have a promised victory in Christ?
  • Read John 16:33
  • Read Ephesians 6:10–13
  • Are you hiding in Him?
Q3: Chapter 11
“History proves that the Bible is true. You can rest in His promises.”
  • Have you ever studied Christian apologetics?
  • Apologetics means: “reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.”
  • There is proof for what we find in Scripture.
  • What questions are you asked the most?
  • What objections do you hear the most?
  • Challenge: write them down & commit to search for a Biblical defense this week so you can share them the next time we get together.
  • If you need help, contact the staff.
Q4: Chapter 12 “God is faithful & we’re secure.”
  • How do you see God doing a work to purify & refine His people?
  • Go back & read Daniel 11:35
  • In Matthew 24, Jesus lays out more of what happens at the end. But even studying all of Scripture, learning all you can about prophecy & miss out on being faithful in your day-to-day life.
  • The angel told Daniel, to go his way, live his life and trust God, knowing you’re loved.
  • How can you pray to remain faithful in the face of life’s difficulties?
Q5: Share how God’s faithfulness encourages you to simply stay focused on Jesus, listen to His Holy Spirit, to dig into His word & to do your part in growing His kingdom?
  • How can we encourage one another in this?
Julian Malotti