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Good Bad & Ugly

Good Bad & Ugly – Legacy

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Life Group Questions

  • This is week 1 so feel free to do an ice breaker activity. If you have new people do the “1 minute introduction game”. What is your name, married/single, kids, how long been a committed Christian, etc..
  • The main WIN of the life group in the first week if you have new people is to make them feel welcome but not overwhelmed them also.
  1. Did you take notes Sunday? If so, what did the Lord speak with you?
  2. Ask 3 people to read the following 3 passages and talk about why these 3 kings were considered good in God’s opinion. (1Kings 15:11, 1Kings 11:5, 2kings 22:2). How different is the definition of being “successful” in God’s eyes, and in the eyes of this world?
  3. Read 1 Kings 15:11 & 1 Kings 15:34 and talk about the legacies of king David and king  Jeroboam. Talk about how we are all building legacies whether we are being intentional or not, like these 2 kings were. How  intentional about the Godly legacy should we be? And how should we be doing this in a practical way in our families, workplace, school, etc…?
  4. Read 1 kings 12:8 and talk about whose advice should we follow, and how tempting it is to follow our peers expectations, family expectations, … that many times are contrary to God’s expectations from us.
  5. Is there anything you feel you need to change in your life in response to this message?
  6. Take prayer requests. Ask “In 4 words, how is your family, health, work/school, walk with God?” Then you can break in groups of 3 and pray for each other


  1. We are 2 weeks away from Easter. Invite family and friends to church. We will be launching the Venue also that day.
  2. Announcement for Life Group leaders:  What is the Vision behind the Venue? (Feel free to share it with the life group)
    1. The Venue is not an overflow. An overflow is just a room with a TV. The Venue will have a live leader, and that will be Micah. The Venue will have a live worship team, live guest services, live prayers, live communion, …
    2. The Venue goals.
      1. To offer a different style for the worship experience. How? A darker environment, and acoustic music. In doing this we are hoping to draw people that will like a different type of environment to worship.
      2. Multiply leaders. OB ONE will need to have 2 worship teams, 2 worship leaders, 2 guest services team.
      3. Coffee. For people that like to have their coffee while they worship, the Venue is the place to be in. Coffee will be allowed at the Venue since it has concrete floors.
      4. Grow the kingdom of God and Plant another Church. When the Venue grows and we have all the leaders we would plant our second church in San Diego. For now we do not know location, who will be the pastor of that church, etc… we are simply focusing on reaching more people and multiplying leaders through the Venue
Julian Malotti