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Good News

Good News – God has the best for you

By March 17, 2014April 21st, 2020No Comments
Announcement # 1 – Please sign up to volunteer for Easter, and for “The Venue” (Ask people to fill out form then email them to ob1@
Announcement # 2 – This is last week for life group. The next 2 weeks we will be on a break. (Ask If group wants to meet for the next 2 weeks to do something fun, to take the opportunity to invite our unchurched friends to come to these fun “hang outs” as an entryway to get to know the church family. ) If so, find a coordinator for the “fun hang out” so that you can share the load with other group members.
Announcement # 3 – For the next 3 weeks we will have life group fair at the church patio. We need 1 representative of each group to serve after each services for about 15 minutes to help the new people find a life group. Ask who can do that, then email those names and availability to ob1@

Life Group Questions

  1. How did the sermon help you?
  2.  Do you believe that God has the best plan for your life?  If so, do you live like it?   Why or why not
    1. (Answer: Sometimes we doubt God’s plans for our lives. When we do things our way, not God’s way, is an example of that)
  3. Read John 4:1-0.  The Samaritan Woman did not recognize Jesus or the gift that He could have given, so she was missing out.  Do you recognize the gift and call that Jesus is offering you?  How do you know what it is?
  4. Read John 4:11-14.   The Samaritan woman was looking to Christ to provide “normal” water and realized Christ did not have a “bucket”.  She was not sure how Christ was going to provide a better option.  Do you trust that Christ is able to provide for your needs better han what the world offers?  How are Christ’s provisions different and better from what the world offers?
  5. Read John 4:15-26.  The Samaritan woman began to recognize Christ as a prophet but she still had in her mind how God was “supposed” to work.  In order for her to experience God’s best plan for her life she had to accept God’s sovereignty and His plan.  In what ways is God asking you to lay down your expectations and accept His sovereignty and His plan for your life
  6. Romans 8:28 tells us that God is able to work out everything according to His good purpose.  Are you willing to trust that promise and believe that God’s plan for your life is the best plan?
Julian Malotti