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Life Group Questions

  1. 1.     What did the Holy Spirit speak to you about through the message?

    2.     Read Ephesians 3:16-21.  How does God’s love work?  Is it something you earn or simply receive?

    3.     Do you feel you operate/live from a position of love or performance with God?  What does the difference look like and what is the practical different outcome between the two?

    4.     Read Matthew 19:27-30.  After Jesus just finished telling the disciples that they would be rewarded, why did Jesus tell the disciples that the first would be last and the last will be first?  What point was Jesus trying to make?  How is that relevant to your walk with God today?

    5.     Read Matthew 20:1-16.  In this story there is God—the Land owner, and two sets of workers.  The first set of workers were part of an entitlement club.  They felt the deserved more because they worked harder.  Do you have a membership in the entitlement club with God?  Why is an attitude of entitlement detrimental to your relationship with God?  What does it lead to?

    6.     Why did Jesus give the last workers the same amount of pay?  What does that say about God and your relationship with God?

    7.     Part of understanding God’s love redefined is learning to rest and accept God’s love and grace unconditionally.  How do you practically learn to do that?

Julian Malotti