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Growing Weaker or Deeper When facing the impossible

By September 21, 2015No Comments
Life Group Announcements
  1. Please make a big push for the “Guy’s weekend in Julian”. We leave this Friday from the church. Wee meet at church 6pm and carpool. The cost is $60 with everything included.
Life Group Questions—Facing the Impossible:  Growing Deeper or Weaker
1.     How did this sermon minister to you?
2.     Read Mark 9:14-29
3.     At First everyone was arguing because the disciples could not drive out the demon.  Then everything changed once Jesus arrived.  Do you feel as though you run with awe and wonder to Jesus when you are facing the impossible situations in your life?   How do we maintain our focus on Christ when we cannot physically see Jesus?
4.     Read Mark 9:21-24.  What enabled the father of the boy to finally believe in Jesus?  What changed?  How is that relevant to your life right now?
5.     Read again Mark 9:28-29.  Why is prayer so important?
6.     Pastor Joe encouraged everyone to join a PUSH campaign.  Which is a commitment to pray until something happens.  Are you willing to pray until something happens?   If so what do you want to see happen?
7.     Spend some time praying for each other and for OB1.   Pray specifically for OB1’s leadership and for the vision of the Church.  Pray also that God will continue to pour out His Holy Spirit upon OB1
Julian Malotti