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How to Evangelize based on John 3:16

By July 26, 2015July 30th, 2015No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. Worship night with Baptism and Baby dedication is this coming Friday, July 31st at 6:30 pm. Ask people in your group that recently got saved if they are ready to be baptized. For more info contact
  2. VBS is next week. Pray for the kids, the families and volunteers. Next Sunday is VBS setup. If you want to be a part of the setup team, plan to stay after 2nd service for as long as you can. Lunch will be provided! If you would like to volunteer or have questions contact

Life Group Questions 

  1. Read John 3:16. This passage has 4 main aspects to it. Do you remember what they are?
    1. The Cause of Salvation (God’s love), The cost (Gave his only son),  the condition (The ones who believe in Jesus), and the consequence (Life eternal with GOD or away from God)
  2. Have you shared the entire gospel with friends, and loved ones? The good, and the bad? If so, how did that go? If not, what is keeping you from doing it so that we can encourage one another and pray for one another about it.
  3. How do you share your faith? Be the first one to share as a group leader. Be honest even if you have not been sharing your faith. Or share a couple of times you did and how it went. (Make everyone in the group share their method. Encourage them that there is no right or wrong way, we just want to be honest, learn from one another, be accountable to one another, and encourage each other)
  4. How can we as a group do more evangelism together? (The once a month “Invite a friend” party that pastor Julian mentioned a couple of weeks ago could be an idea) The point is to do something intentionally to bring the “unchurched” people close to us. If your group is already doing the “friend day” party/BBQ keep thanking group members for inviting their friends, for their pro activeness, keep encouraging them,…
  5. Take about 20 minutes to pray
Julian Malotti