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Joshua 3

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LIfe Group Announcements
  1. Family Movie night is February 17th from 6 to 8 pm in the Venue. Bring dinner for your kids. Free popcorn. Invite a friend
  2. Women’s retreat is coming fast. March 2nd to 4th. Cost $160. Register online at Registration closes a week before the retreat
Life Group Questions 
Note to leaders only: Joshua 3 highlights 3 main things: 1. Follow the Holy Spirit and the Bible (Follow God), 2. Consecrate, and 3. Step out in faith
  1. Did you take notes Sunday? If so, what was the main thing you heard God speaking to you?
  2. Life Group is a place to share life, so feel free to ask people how they are doing. Simply checking in, and caring, and praying with the members can go a long way. Feel free to do that. As people share, feel free to say “let’s pray for such and such, who would like to pray for him/her?”
  3. Let’s Read Joshua 3:1-9. And let’s talk about it. What jumps at you.
    1. Note to leaders (A key thing is following the arc, to us meaning following the direction of the Holy Spirit and God’s word)
  4. In v5 it says “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things. Consecrating is to leave behind any sin or anything that is entangling you. For us to have a lifestyle of obedience and repentance when we fall short. When we do that God will bless us. Let’s talk about the fine line of seeking God wholeheartedly and not becoming legalistic. Holiness with the right heart is different than a religious heart.
  5. In verse 8 it says “Stand in the river”. God is specific, and he asks us to do things that may cause fear because the river was in flood stage v15. Obedience comes with fear, but as we heard last week, God is ahead of us when He asks us to do something. What is God asking you to do, that is intimidating to you?
  6. Pray with and for each other
Julian Malotti