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Life Group Question

  1. 1.     How did God speak to you through the sermon?
    2.     What does it mean to be redeemed and how does one become redeemed?  Is Redemption only for those who have sinned?
    3.     Read Genesis chapters 37-45 (yes I know this will take a while…share the load and take turns reading)
    4.     Read Genesis 42:21-23.  Why is it necessary for Joseph’s brothers to deal with their sin?  Why does God call us to repent?  Read (Acts 3:19).  Take some time and repent unto God and if you feel led confess your sins to one another.  If you have sinned against another person pray about confessing your sin to that person and asking forgiveness.  WARNING: James 5:16 says to confess your sins to one another for healing, not forgiveness that only comes through Christ but for healing so that we can bear each other’s burdens.  Be wise and do not confess to just anyone, this can lead to harm, but to brothers or sisters whom have shown themselves to be Godly and trustworthy. 
    5.     Read Genesis 45:1-11.  Why was it necessary for Joseph to trust in God’s sovereignty for his redemption?  Why is trusting in God’s sovereignty necessary for our redemption?  How is God asking you to trust in Him today?
Julian Malotti