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Let it Go to Grow

By March 9, 2015No Comments

Study Questions

1.     How did the sermon minister to you this week?  In what ways was God speaking to you?
2.     Read Ephesians 5:18  How is one filled with the Holy Spirit?  What can you practically do to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.
3.     Read Galatians 5:25  How do we keep in step with the Spirit?
4.     Pastor Joe said that in order to be filled and keep in step with the Holy Spirit we need to let go so that we can grow.  Do you find this true within your own life?  If so how?
5.     Scripture gives several examples of God asking people to let go of their agenda in order to follow His agenda.  For example, we read in scripture that God called the Apostle Paul to let go of his agenda to be a Pharisee to reach the Gentiles, and to Peter to be a fisherman in order to reach the Jews, and to Gideon to let go of being a farmer to become a warrior.
a)     Do you find this principle true in your life?
b)    Do you find that you tend to seek God out to bless your agenda or are you seeking God out to follow His?  What does the difference look like practically?
c)     What may God be asking you to let go of in order to follow His agenda?
6.     Read the Philippians 4:13 & Luke 18:27.  Scripture teaches us that God does not normally call us to do the ordinary but the extraordinary that we might depend upon Him.  Thus, one of the things we need to let go of in order to grow is our limitations.  What limitation is God asking you to let go of and are you willing to let go of them?  How is God asking you to do the impossible?
7.     One of the major reasons we do not let go and trust God with our agenda and our limitation is our fears that God will let us down or that His way will not be better for us.  Scripture clearly promises us that is not true.  For example, Isaiah 55:8-9 or Hebrews 10:23 or Isaiah 41:9-10.
a)     What fears are keeping you from letting go so that you can grow?
b)    Are you willing to trust that He loves you and that His plan is better than your plan?
c)     What would it take for you to let go of your fears?  Are you open to letting God remove those fears?
8.     Take some time and pray for each other.  Pray about asking God for strength to let go of our agenda in order to follow God’s agenda, to let go of our limitations to depend upon God’s abilities, to let go of our fears and trust in God’s faithfulness.
9.     Take some time to pray for OB1 and God’s blessing to be a Holy Spirit driven church, that is growing in a passionate love for Jesus that together is reaching thousands and impacting millions for God’s kingdom.
Julian Malotti