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#NOFILTER- Spiritual Warfare

By July 21, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

  1. In what area of life of life your are being attacked or have been attacked for a while so we can pray for one another? Fear, guilt, doubt, anxiety (worry), condemnation, deceived by transitions of life to prioritize anything other than God and His kingdom,…
  2. Now let’s pray for each person here. (Put a chair in the center of group and make people sit on it one by one to receive prayer) Ask 2 or 3 people to pray for each person sitting in the center chair. Invite everyone to keep praying while the 2 or 3 pray out loud.
  3. After the prayer assign different people to find verses in different topics (Like fear, guilt, anxiety…) to bring back to the group next week so that the person being attacked in that area would have Bible verses to take home and combat spiritual attacks of the enemy.


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  2. We are still in need of VBS volunteers.  Go to the OB1’s website to sign up!
Julian Malotti