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God is better than you think

Palm Sunday

By March 20, 2018March 30th, 2018No Comments

Life Group Questions from Sunday, March 25, 2018
Sermon Series: God Is So Good
Speaker: Pastor Joe Houser


  1. In the beginning of the sermon, Pastor Joe mentioned that sometimes we are tempted to base the goodness of God and His perfect plans for our lives, on how we view ourselves in the midst of our failures, desert seasons, or even on other people’s lives around us.
    1. Question: As a group, discuss some popular ways that we may be tempted to doubt God’s goodness for our lives based on current circumstances or the lives of others around us.

2    We have been looking at the lives of the Israelites throughout Scripture recently and see that God had good promises for them, mainly to enter the Promised Land, but they still had the responsibility to go out, obey Him, and to take possession and experience those promises.

Question: In what ways may God be directing and calling you to obey Him and to experience His good promises for your life? Also, what are some common obstacles that can get in the way of taking possession of these promises?

3   Pastor Joe used a great analogy of the Old Testament law being like a MRI machine at the hospital that reveals you have a disease. The doctor also offers a treatment to help you become healthy again. Instead of getting mad at the MRI or the doctor, we should go to the doctor and seek his help. In the same way, the Old Testament law revealed our disease (being our sin) and our Great Doctor (being Jesus Christ) offers the treatment. Instead of being mad at God who reveals our need for Him, we should be in the habit of seeking His help and guidance.

Question: In what ways are you grateful to God for healing you along your journey this far? Aside from salvation, what are some areas that God has healed you, whether physically or spiritually? This is a great opportunity to share some stories and create testimonies (If you do not have any personal stories, or do not feel comfortable sharing, then think of some possible situations).

4   We were encouraged in the sermon that Christ took the wrath for our sin on the cross and were also reminded that what happened on the cross did not end at the cross. As Christians, we are called to continue into the goodness of God and the promises He has for us through the death of Jesus.

Question: Would you say that sometimes it is easier to “end it at the cross?” In other words, to become saved and just kind of settle for a mediocre life? What are some things that may tempt us to settle when in fact God wants us toexperience an abundant life (John 10:10)?

Julian Malotti