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The Armor of God

Picking up the shield of faith

By August 17, 2014April 21st, 2020No Comments
Life Group Questions
1.     How did this sermon speak to you?
2.     Read Ephesians 6:16.  Here we read that Satan shoots flaming arrows at you to destroy you.  What type of “flaming arrows” are you attacked with most?  For example, what fears or doubts do you tend to struggle with most?
3.     In Ephesians 6:16 we read that we are able to withstand the attacks of the enemy by picking up the shield of faith.  What does that mean and how do you practically pick up the shield of faith?
4.     In the sermon we discussed how Rahab changed from believing her Canaanite gods could save her to believing only the living God can save her.  Abraham also changed his belief from it is impossible to have a child in his old age of 100 years old to it is possible if it is God’s will.  Both in humility changed their beliefs to match the promises of God that they may be saved through faith.  Are you in humility willing to change your beliefs to align up with the word of God?  If so, what beliefs do you need to change?
5.     Read James 2:25-26 & Hebrews 11:31.  Rahab not only modeled picking up the shield of faith by a change of beliefs but also a change of behavior.  According to the beliefs that you need to change to align up with the word of God what behaviors do you need to change to match your faith in God?  For example, if you believe God will provide for you what behaviors do you need to change to match that belief?
6.     Read 1 Peter 5:6-9.  Spend some time praying for each other and asking God to protect each other against the lies of Satan.
Julian Malotti