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Promises of God

Promise of Life

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Life Group Questions

Announcements: 1) Men Retreat coming up May 16-17 go to website for more info; 2) We need volunteers to work at coffee shop and to work on computer Sundays. If anyone in your group want to volunteer get their names and email and email it to ob1@

  1. Read Mark 8:34-38 and ask the group “What jumps at you in this passage?” and “What how can we apply it to our lives at work, with family, and friends?”
  2. Read the Bible passages suggested below and talk about it. The key is to ask over and over after someone reads the passage “What do you understand in this passage?”, “How can we put this in practice in our lives?”, “How hard is to follow what this passage? Tells us, and why is it hard for you?”
  3. Read Galatians 5:17  and talk about the battle of the flesh with the spirit, in context with that is hard to lose our life for gospel.
  4. Mark 10:17-22 (Rich young ruler thought that he had God as #1 in his life until Jesus revealed to him that his God was money.) Talk about how hard it is to keep God # 1 in our hearts.
  5. What are the 2 purposes we should “lose” our lives based on verse 35 of Mark 8? (Answer: For his mission and His message). What does that look like in practical terms?
  6. Read Romans 10:14 and talk about it. If needed ask: “Are you being intentional about sharing your faith? Even if it is baby steps are you growing in it?
  7. Do 10 minutes of Sharing prayer request (Say “In 1 minute, how can we pray for you?) Then break up in groups of 3-4 to pray for one another.
Julian Malotti