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Serving Unlocks Joy!

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Life Group Announcements:

  1. Continue to pray for Pastor Joe Houser as he takes extended time off to focus on his health, family, and relationship with God.
  2. There is a class on what it means to set healthy boundaries in our lives based on the book titled, Boundaries. Cost is $25 (includes copy of the book). The class is taught by OB One’s Marriage and Family Therapist, Jenna Hillman, at 8:30 AM during first service in the Venue. Please see church site for registration details.
  3. Divorce care will be a weekly seminar and help support group that will help those heal from the hurt and reality of divorce. It will be a 13-week class starting Saturday, September 8th at 9 AM and then Wednesdays after that (starting September 12th) from 6:30-7:30 PM. The class will meet in the church office entrance and child care will be available upon request. Cost is $25. Please see church site for registration details.
  4. Church baptism and potluck September 8th, 11 AM-2 PM. Please bring a side dish/desert. The location will be De Anza Cove: 2948 N. Mission Bay Dr. Please see church site for more details.
  5. The Venue has officially closed as an overflow for second service and will now be used for the youth group due to an increase in size!
  6. Starting September 27th, from 6:30-8:30 PM, there will be a class on prophecy to include growing in listening to God as well as learning more about the prophetic gift. It will be a 7-week class taught by Jamie Weston. Please see church site for registration details.

Life Group Questions:

Speaker: Pastor Julian Malotti

Sermon Series: Joy!

Serving Unlocks Joy!

  1. Pastor Julian started out by highlighting the fact that Paul mentored Timothy as an older man to a younger one. Timothy shadowed Paul and learned as much as he could from his experience and time on earth as a man of God.

    If you are older (maybe around 35 or more years), have you invested in the life of someone younger than yourself? If so, did it unlock joy for you? What were some of the benefits of that? What are some of the disadvantages of not doing this (hint: Prov. 27:17).

    In the same way, if you are younger (maybe under age 35), have you found someone older to look up to and learn from? If so, did it unlock joy for you? What were some benefits of that relationship? What are some of the disadvantages of not doing this?

  2. A second thing we looked at was the specific word “bondservants” used in Philippians 1 to describe Paul and Timothy serving God. This word “bondservant” in the Greek actually translates as “willing slave, servant by choice.”

    Why is it better to serve God willingly rather than out of obligation or duty only? Give some examples.

  3. We learned that we serve God by serving others around us (also known as ministry) and this unlocks joy! One way we learned to serve was by “lingering” after church and not just stepping in and stepping back out.

    Have you ever found yourself “stepping in and stepping out” of church? Why is it more beneficial to stick around a little longer and get to know a person or two?

  4. The motivation for serving God should be a response to His goodness. In other words, God is so good to us as His “slaves” that we do not want to go be free to ourselves, we want to belong to God! (Exodus 21:2).

    What are some common bad motives for serving God (i.e., duty, obligation, etc.)? What are some good ones? Feel free to share some personal testimonies in order to bring some experience to the table.
  5. Lastly, we learned that we serve God in our marriages, homes, churches, and workplaces in order to experience the joy God has designed for us.

    Why is it important to serve in these areas? As a family of God, do you see the importance of serving within the church as well? What are some ways perhaps God has been hinting to you to serve?

    Bible Verses Read Sunday: 

  • Philippians 1:1-2
  • Exodus 21:2




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