When the Struggle Is Real

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Life Group Announcements:
1. Worship times on Sunday morning are now 9:45 AM and 10:45 AM.

2. The church parking lot will change closing time from 2:00 PM to now 1:00 PM.

Life Group Questions:

Preacher: Pastor Nick Crespo
Title: When the Struggle Is Real

1. Pastor Nick started out by reminding us that the struggle in this life is real; some of the pain is emotional, spiritual, and/or even physical. No matter the type of hurt, pain, or struggle we go through, there’s one main truth: We all go through it.

Do you find it tempting to think you’re the only one going through pain all the time? What do you think causes this mindset? Or, do you find encouragement in the fact that everyone is always going through something and that we can ultimately lean on one another for support? Which perspective are you?

2. One person in the Bible that often times faced pain but had a great outlook on it, was Paul the apostle (see main text: 2 Cor 12:7-10). As one of the most powerful Christian historic figures known to man, you would think he of all people would be dismissed from pain. However, he wasn’t and he talked much about it.

Read this main text out loud and then pick a part of it that really sticks out to you as encouraging. In other words, how do you relate to Paul? What can you learn from his redeemed perspective?

3. Nick gave the analogy of his daughter growing up and how she used to write all over the walls in the house often. In order to cover up the damage, he would just put layers of paint over it until it covers the marks. This is how we often deal with pain, we just cover it up over and over again.

What do you think are some common/popular ways our society covers up their pain? Hollywood? People you know? Yourself? What are some healthy approaches to pain?

4. Nowhere in the Bible did God ever promise us a painless life, rather, He warned us there would be a lot of pain but that He was the comfort through it. In fact, Jesus’ life was marked with constant suffering for the sake of those who would believe in Him.

How has God walked you through past pain and brought comfort to you? Have you ever shared that with someone, and if so, what impact did it have on their painful circumstance?

5. Lastly, think of one person you may know from your personal life who is going through some sort of struggle and begin to pray for them (whether in your mind or out loud as a group). Pray specifically that God would use you to help bring them comfort in the midst of their circumstance.

Bible Verses Read Sunday:
• 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

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