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Worship Meeting

By November 12, 2014April 21st, 2020No Comments

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This is a recap with a required response from those present & absent from the Worship Meeting.  We had a rad meeting last Thursday! For those of you who were unable to be there we went through how blessed we have been this last year.

Since our last meeting we have, launched The Venue & The Cafe, pulled off two worship teams every Sunday, removed our Saturday rehearsals while improving preparedness, saw massive improvements in punctuality,
excellence, knowing the music, created leadership opportunities for multiple soloist and worship leaders and lastly but crazy, our AV team pulled off a live video venue with much improved lighting & sound every week!

We have hit every target on our 2014 vision!

I am so proud of our team, as I look at every person and role represented in the Worship Ministry I have seen massive growth in individuals and solid movement towards our vision as a group!  The culture of our internal ministry has changed and our foundation is being set for this next season of our church and worship ministry!

The next season:

Everything we have done and everything that has been set in place is to create a solid foundation and remove obstacles towards our ultimate goal.  Every tweak, adjustment and strategy have been to lay the groundwork to accomplish what God has for us this next season.  We have set competency, preparedness, punctuality and excellence in place for removing distractions from ourselves and the church we serve.  They are not the goal, they are the groundwork to what God wants for us. Imagine our ministry as your dream home, we would all the agree on the foundational need to dig out the rocks and level the soil, we have done the same.  Our concrete foundation is a contagious passion for God. Worship is infectious and we are creating a worship culture.  The church culture that currently exists is not the culture that exists in heaven. As leaders (and everyone who is reading this is leading our church culture), we are either blending into the culture that currently exists and in doing so reinforcing a culture that is contrary to what is in heaven OR we are contrasting our current culture with the culture that is in heaven. From the Old Testament to Revelation, the Bible has defined appropriate corporate worship as extravagant, sacrificial, loud, contagious & expressive.  Our job is to encourage and challenge people to grow in how they are communicating love for God.  What culture are you reinforcing?

“Your relationship with Jesus should be personal but never private.”

Sunday is where our relationship and personal worship of God overflows, not the primary place it happens. Showing up READY for worship means your entire week has been witnessing God move in your heart and your life so that when you step on stage, worship can be poured out from a full heart, not from a glass that is in need to be filled.  Will there be weeks where we come beaten up and in desperate need of God to move in our hearts?
Yes, however if our ministry and lives are consistently defined by leading and living from an empty heart, our life, service and leadership will be just that… empty and ineffective.

Now what?

Every leader represented on our team, and again if you are reading this I consider you a leader in our ministry, my expectation is this:

You personally create space to:
1. Worship Jesus
using your instrument or personal passion to communicate you love and value Jesus.
2. Pray to Jesus
pray for your sphere of influence including for your teammates leaders church & city.
3. Learn about Jesus
learn about who you are worshiping.

I am not searching for legalistic routine. I am looking for a worship movement of leaders who are intentionally fostering a heart and passion for God that cannot be quenched by the culture of our city, work, relationships, or even church/christians. However as we fix our eyes on Jesus, we will be organically drawn to how amazing he really is and become more comfortable endorsing Jesus.

Jesus prayed:

Our father who is in heaven. HOLY is your name(fix our eyes primarily on his greatness). Your kingdom (CULTURE OF HEAVEN) come, your will (preference & agenda) be done, on earth just like it is in heaven.”

Jesus prayed let the culture of heaven be the culture of the earth and when I read about the culture of heaven I see some inconsistencies in my own life, I am passionate about making the culture of heaven the culture of OB One Church.

Therefore let’s be intentional to allow God to change us, our team, and our church.  Let’s commit to being an instrumental source of that change.

Your Response:

First respond to me below saying you have read it from start to finish, that you commit to the following:
1. To be a part of this vision
2. Take an active role in seeing it fulfilled.

Second click this link below, download the notes, and find someone who was at the meeting for the answers.  If you were present at the meeting search out those who where absent to give them the answers.

11.06.14 worship meeting notes

This treasure hunt is intentional to help us:

1. Understand the value of the answers
2. Better comprehend the vision of our ministry
3. Increase our ability to communicate the vision
4. Crowdsource unity within that vision.

If you have any questions please let me know. I look forward to this next season of what God wants to do through passionate leaders who are hungry for him and faithful to build the worship culture of heaven here in our church.

Julian Malotti