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Life Group Questions 

  1. Time of testimony. Have you heard the voice of God this past week? Did you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit? Did you experience any miracles? Did Any of your prayers were answered this past week? If so, would you like to share? (Model this as a leader. Share something if you have)
  2. Read Luke 18:9-14
  3. We think the “perfect” people are the ones justified/accepted by God, but who God justifies/accepts based on this passage?
  4. What is the attitude of the person who was justified / accepted by God? What was the attitude of the person who was not justified / accepted by God?
  5. What is the virtue that God is emphasizing in this passage?
  6. How can we apply this to our lives? Marriage? Workplace?
  7. Take time to pray for one another.


Julian Malotti