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Life Group Questions 

  1. How did you hear God speaking to you Sunday and this week?
  2. Did you have any of your prayers answered this week? (Time of testimony)
  3. Read Matthew 26:36-41
  4. (Sermon summary) It was time for the disciples to support Jesus in the hardest day of his life up until that moment, and the disciples fell asleep. They slept for God, slept for their friend Jesus, and instead of supporting and being there for Him, they slept.
  5. (Note to leader: This is the main question. Feel free to break it down Relationship with God, Spouse, kids, and our Mission) Are you Distracted with the things of this world that your relationship with God, relationship with spouse and kids, your mission has placed in the back burner?
  6. What are the Solution to our distractions that Jesus provided in v41?
    1. What does watching mean?
  7. Read Colossians 3:2 and Romans 8:5
Julian Malotti