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Are You Spiritually Fit?

By July 22, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments

1. Youth Summer Camp: August 5-9, 2019 ($395.00). See the church site for more details.

2. We welcomed our new Youth Director Brandon to the church this past Sunday and prayed over him. Please continue to introduce yourselves when you see him around the church and help make him feel more comfortable!

3. Please continue praying for Paul/Leigh Ann Bearce as they battle cancer together.

Lifegroup Questions:
1.The Apostle Paul told Timothy that physical training/fitness is only temporarily beneficial, but godliness lasts forever (1 Timothy 4:8). Josh used this opening verse to show that in a culture that loves to be physically fit and look good on the outside, people often times ignore the other lifestyle changes required to be fit on the inside too (more sleep, less stress, better diet, more water).

[Q]. In the same way, what are some spiritual practices that you can exercise to not just look good on the outside, but to also be “fit” on the inside? What will help you make it through the tough “training” sessions that God sometimes leads us to?

2.One thing Jesus exercised to be spiritually “fit” in Matthew 4:1-11 was being sensitive/faithful to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus didn’t just sense the Spirit leading, He obeyed it, even when He saw the leading was straight into the wilderness.

[Q]. Would you consider yourself sensitive to the leading/prompting of the Holy Spirit in your life? Is it easy/tempting to think He only leads us to pleasant places? What about the wilderness?

3.Another thing Jesus exercised to be spiritually “fit” throughout the wilderness was fasting (for 40 days).

[Q]. Have you ever practiced fasting for the sake of drawing closer to God? If you haven’t, why not? If you have, what testimonies can you share? What did fasting look like to you and what would you recommend to someone else?

4.The last thing Jesus exercised to be spiritually “fit” throughout the wilderness was resisting Satan and his temptations. Matthew 4 says that Satan started tempting Jesus after He began fasting (this was because Satan knew Jesus would be hungry, weak, and tired). However, Jesus resisted Satan three times using the Word of God.

[Q]. Do you see memorizing Scripture as a mobile weapon against Satan? Have you ever remembered the Word of God in trying times and came out victorious?

Bible Verses Read on Sunday:
1. Main Text: Matthew 4:1-11
2. Supporting Text: 1 Timothy 4:8

Brandon Follin