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Be the ONE for the ONE

By November 3, 2020No Comments

Life GRoup Questions

  1. Who has been influential in your life as someone who pointed you to the hope of Jesus?
  2. How often do you get stuck in your own worries and find a hard time noticing the one God wants you to help?
  3. What keeps you from doing something compassionate for the one you notice? Overwhelm? Not knowing what to do? Busyness? Stressed? Unknown results?
  4. Have you ever felt stagnant or empty? Can you attribute that to either not being filled properly by God and others, or to not pouring out for others?
  5. What simple things, like listening or being present, can you do this week for someone?
  6. How can we overcome evil with good, one life at a time?
  7. What’s your goal when you walk into a room? Notice me OR I notice you? What rooms are you going to walk into this week, and will you choose to notice, have compassion, and respond to at least one person, as God leads?
Julian Malotti