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Beyond the call of duty

By January 30, 2017No Comments
Life Group Questions for Moving Beyond the Call of Duty
1.     Talk about how the Holy Spirit was speaking to you during the entire worship service.
2.     Would you say that your walk with God stems from a sense of duty or love?  What is the difference?
3.     Read Philippians 2:1-11.  What jumps out to you the most and why?
4.     Read Philippians 2:1.  Here we read that the Apostle Paul makes a conditional statement: If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ…then be like minded and imitate Christ.  What does it mean to have encouragement from being united with Christ?  What does that look like practically in our life?  How is being encouraged from the unity of Christ suppose to motivate us to imitate Christ?
5.     Read 1 Peter 2:11Do you consider yourself an alien and stranger here?
6.     The next question Paul asks is if any comfort from God’s love…then imitate Christ.  Do you feel comfort from God’s love?  How do you facilitate comfort from God’s love?  Is that something you can manufacture?
7.     Next we read if any fellowship with the Spirit…then be like minded and imitate Christ.  Why is this necessary and what does this practically look like in day to day life?
Julian Malotti