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Life Group Questions

  1. Read Matthew 6:9-13. Did you know that God’s will is being done on earth through us? what are your thoughts on this?
  2. When pastor Julian said that God is speaking to us more often than we are used to paying attention. That we dismiss too quickly when the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Do you find it to be true in your life?
  3. Just like the Holy Spirit of God asked pastor Julian to apologize to a co-worker without even knowing why, God will ask us to do things that do not make sense at the time he asks us. Has anyone ever experience that? What happened?
  4. Are we ready to like John the baptist, to have less for ourselves to give it more to God? (Like in the example pastor Julian gave that the Holy Spirit asked him to give his phone away for free to stranger)
  5. Let’s talk about the difference between obeying God with strings attached, (expecting Him to pay us back) versus obeying God understanding that He first blessed us. Let’s talk about it.
  6. Are you excited about this movement that God started at our church? This movement of being more aware of God’s voice, and doing what He says? Or what are your feelings towards it?
  7. Pray for one another


Julian Malotti