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Consumed: Psalm 103- growth in the plains

By May 18, 2015No Comments
Life Group Questions for Growth in the Plains (Psalm 103)
1.     How did the sermon help you?
2.     How do you describe being consumed or growing in a passionate love for God? What does that look like?  Does that describe where you are at today?
3.     We all like to have those mountaintop experiences with God where we are consumed with God’s presence.  But the truth is that we don’t live on the mountaintops but we live in the plains.  That being the case, how do we seek to grow closer to God in the day-to-day routine of life…in the “plains”?
4.     Read Psalm 103:1-2.  Here we read that David commands his soul, his inmost being to praise God.  Why is it so important to praise God everyday even when you do not feel like it?  What does it mean to praise God?  And why does God have us praise Him anyways…for His benefit or ours?
5.     Read Psalm 103:2-5.  Here David reminds himself to not forget the benefits of following God.  Talk about when, why, and how you have recently forgotten the benefits of God.
6.     In Psalm 103 David lists a bunch of benefits and promises that he holds on to for hope.   For instance we read in Psalm 103:3-5 that God forgives our sins, redeems our life, and renews our strength.  What other promises/benefits does God promise that you need to hold on to at this moment? 
7.     Read Luke 16:10 & Matthew 25:23.  One of the key principles David modeled was obedience to God in the little things of life.  Why is obedience to God in the day-to-day small things so important?  What does that look like practically for you in your life?
8.     Spend some time praying for each other and the church that God’s Spirit would breakthrough at OB1 and we would have revival of passion and love for God.  Pray that we as individuals and as a church would be consumed with love for God and each other. 
9.     Pray for the breakthrough of the Holy Spirit in each other’s lives and OB1. Consumed—Psalm 103–Growth in the Plains
Julian Malotti