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Impact – Breakthrough Impact!

By May 25, 2015No Comments
Life Group Questions: Luke 5 (Breakthrough Impact)
1.     How did the sermon speak to you?
2.     What eternal impact for God’s kingdom do you believe God wants you to make? 
3.     Now read Ephesians 3:20; John 15:8; John 14:12; Matthew 28:19-2; Acts 1:8.  Do you believe that you are able to make this impact?  Why or why not?  What barriers keep you from making the eternal impact that God wants you to make?
4.     Read Luke 5:1-11.  Why did Jesus tell Peter to drop his nets in the middle of the day (when people don’t fish) after Peter spent the whole night fishing and catching nothing?  What was Jesus trying to teach Peter?  How was that practically/specifically relevant to your call to make an impact?  (Give examples).
5.     In what ways is Jesus asking you to drop your “metaphorical fishing nets” in the middle of the day?  Are you willing to trust and obey?
6.     Read Luke 5:8-10.  Why did Peter respond to Jesus by falling at His knees and telling him to depart from him?  And why did Jesus tell Peter to not be afraid?  How is this relevant to your life and call to make an impact?  (Remember that we all feel unqualified to be Christ’s ambassadors because of our sin like Peter).
7.     Read Luke 5:11.  Do you think Peter was disappointed to leave his fish, nets, and boats to follow Jesus?  What about you…do you see Jesus’ call to pick up your cross  (Luke 9:23) as a burden or a gift?  Do you see God’s call as a promotion or a demotion?
8.     What are you going to practically do differently in response to this sermon?
9.     God has given OB1 a vision that together we can reach thousands and impact millions.  What role do you see yourself playing?
Julian Malotti