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Reckless Love

Extravagant Love

By November 14, 2017No Comments

Life Group Questions 

  1. Introduction to the group: This past Sunday, pastor Joe shared a new way to “evangelize” and that is to simply LOVE everyone around us with God’s love. Loving co-workers, family members, neighbors and even strangers should be our NEW lifestyle, as we simply go to people and ask “How may I help you?”
  2. What is the most important thing in your life? Pastor Joe asked: “If you had only 10 minutes to go to your house that is burning down, what would you pick up?” He was comparing the burning house with our brief life. Jesus summarizes life with the statement: “Love God, and love people”. Are these 2 top priorities in your life, and loving people is just on the back burner?
  3. Read John 13:35. The new command is to love as Jesus have loved us. Before his death and resurrection, we were called to love others as ourselves. Now we are called to love as Jesus loved us. How are these 2 different from each other? And what are the practical applications to our daily lives?
  4. Loving others should not be a burden or a chore, it should be an overflow of our personal relationship with God. So the key to loving others is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and just make ourselves available to others.
  5. Most of Jesus’ miracles happened outside the church, so too we are called to take God’s love everywhere we go. If you are there, anywhere, someone can receive God’s love through us. If all of us make this our new lifestyle, can you imagine how many people are loved in a week?
  6. In 1 Corinthians 13 the Bible says that Love never fails.  As we go about loving people, it will never fail. If someone needs an encouragement, love them with that, a hug, love them with a hug, a sandwich, love them with that, with a healing, love them with a prayer for healing,… Let’s talk about the multitude of ways we can love people, and how love may open up a door to have conversations about God, as people ask “why are you loving me?”.
  7. Pray for one another
Julian Malotti