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Game Plan 2014 – Lifestyle of Service

By January 19, 2014April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

This is week 2 of 11 for life groups. If you feel that your group have not had the time to “share and pray” at the end of life group, or you just want to change things around, feel free to start the group with that this week. Ask “In 1 word how is faith, family, work, any praise, or prayer request?” (Ask them to keep personal & be a timekeeper because if you don’t, the entire 1.5 hours can be spent just with people “sharing” and no time to pray is left.) Then feel free to break in groups of 3-4 and pray for one another for about 15-20 minutes.  Then move on to the questions.

Also start organizing with the group a “hang out” fellowship for week 5. This can be done through email or at the end of life group. The point is to plan something to promote fellowship and to create an opportunity for group members to invite a friend to check out the group in a safe environment. Ask the group if they have any ideas. (Ideas could be a barbecue, potluck, eat in a restaurant, bonfire at the beach, bowling,…)

  1. Did you bring your notes from Sunday? What did you learn the Lord and His Bible Sunday that you would like to share?
  2. Ask for someone to Read Mark 10:42-45. Then Say: “Let’s talk about how God’s values are upside down comparing to our world’s values.” (Leader help: Ask: “Any other examples in Bible that is the opposite from our world?”)(Other examples are: You will find life if you die self, Instead of revenge pray for enemies, accumulate treasure in heaven,…)
  3. Like a football team, as each player serves the team with his talents so that the whole team would get the benefit, why would it be any different in marriage, work, or church? (Help to this question: Life is a team sport. Marriage is a team effort, work is a team effort, life group is a team effort, church is a team effort also) 
  4. Ask someone to read Galatians 5:13 and talk about having the right heart and motivation while serving. (Serving out of  an emotional response to the sermon, the willingness to serve will fade away; If we serve expecting to get something back from God or others, we are setting ourselves up to frustration. Ask: “What should be the right heart and attitude of serving? (The heart of worship and gratitude is the right heart of service, because we will be serving like Jesus did)
  5. Have you ever gotten frustrated because you were doing something only to get something in return that you never got, and became frustrated and bitter about? (Like a promotion, a position, ….) If so, what did you learn to share with the group?
  6. The game plan for 2014 is that we would grow in these 3 areas as individuals and as a church:
    1. Grow in community with our life group family (That at the end of this year we will be like a family, and invite other people to become part of our life group family);
    2. Grow in being intentional about sharing our faith (Responsibility we have with the “unchurched”); and
    3. Grow in serving God by serving people in the church and outside of church.  Question:  “Which one of these 3 ares do you need to grow the most and why? As a group which one we need to grow and why?”
Julian Malotti