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Good News

Good News Series – Jesus is Joy

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Life Group Questions

This is week 3 of 11. Continue to plan the “fun event” in week 5. The goal is to plan something to promote fellowship and to create an opportunity for group members to invite a friend to check out the group in a safe environment. Ask the group if they have any ideas. (Ideas could be a barbecue, potluck, eat in a restaurant, bonfire at the beach, bowling,…)

Worship Night is this Friday evening from 6:30-8:30pm (childcare will be provided)

Read these questions beforehand and pick the ones you think are more relevant to your group because you may not have time to go through them all

  1. How did the sermon speak to you?
  2. According to John 10:10 Jesus offers us the good news of a life full of abundance and joy.  Would you say you are experiencing that joy today?  Why or Why not? Where did you look for joy before in your life and was not able to find it? (Examples money, success, human love, traveling, vacations, pleasures,…) 
  3. Read John 2:1-11.  Jesus turning water into wine was a symbolic sign of Jesus changing the way we approach God, from religion to relationship.  Would you say you approach God in a more ritualistic way or a relational way?  Is your relationship more of a “check” off the box interaction or more of a love affair?  How can you cultivate more of a relationship versus a religion? (Note for leaders: Humans tend to prefer religion and religiosity because it’s easier to measure, and a relationship is impossible to measure. Example: “I am a good Christian because I go to church, I read Bible daily, I give 10%,… and because of that “I am a good Christian.”” but in reality the relationship with God can still be weak even doing all these things. It’s like a husband that gives flowers and gifts periodically to his wife, but does not love her.)
  4. When the bride & groom were in trouble because the wine was empty Mary did not fret or worry.  We read that Mary went directly to Jesus.  Who or what do you turn to when you are running on empty or are out of joy, or in trouble? 
  5. Jesus’ presences made the miracle possible do you believe He is present now to do a miracle in your life?  What are some miracles that Christ has done recently in your life?
  6. In John 2:5 Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus says.  Before this Jesus was simply a guest.  Once the servants were submitted to Jesus’ will Jesus ceased being a guest and became the master of the party.  What areas of your life are you allowing Jesus to be your guest, but not the master of?  (For example, are you allowing Jesus to be a guest in your family but are not surrendering control of your family over to Jesus?)
  7. In the sermon pastor Joe said that the amount of joy you possess is directly proportionate to the amount of obedience you give.  Have you found this to be true in your life?  Would you agree or disagree with that statement?
  8. Read again John 2:8-10.  Once the new wine had been tasted it was declared the best.  Do you see the Joy of Christ as better than anything this world has to offer?  Why or why not?  If “not” would it be fair to say that you have never really tasted the “true” joy or “complete” joy of Christ?  And if that is the case, then what is holding you back? 
  9. How are you going to apply the scriptural truths from this passage to your life?  How are you going to seek to live differently?
Julian Malotti