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Good News

Good News – Jesus is Healer

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Life Group Questions

1. How did God speak to you through this message? (Encourage group to take notes every Sunday. In the back of bulletin insert there is a section designed for notes.)

2. Read John 5:1-6. Jesus asked the invalid if he wanted to get well. So what area of your life (relationship, addiction, anger, emotional or physical healing) is God looking to heal you in? And are you willing to get well?

3. What if getting well required a serious life change and submission to Christ as your Lord? What if it require drastic “spiritual surgery” and it was painful, would you still want to get well? If not why not?

4. Read John 5:7. The “Jewish” invalid was looking for a myth as a source of healing. Yet, Christ is the only true source of healing. What other sources of healing do you tend to turn to? (Going to a doctor is not the intent of the question for God uses doctors. An example would be people, money, status, careers, relationships, sex etc). And how has that worked out for you?

5. Read John 5:8. Here we see Jesus command the man to pick up his mat and walk, for the “mat” symbolized a connection to his old life as a crippled beggar. To leave the mat on the ground was like leaving an open door to go back to his old ways as a crippled beggar. What is your metaphorical “mat” that Christ is calling you to pick up and leave? Think of what is keeping you “comfortable” in your toxic situation, that generally tends to be our “metaphorical” mat. (This question has to do with CLOSURES and not leaving an opening to temptation to go back to your old toxic ways. Examples: 1) Toxic Friendships that God asked you to stay away for now, that you insist on; 2) (Emotional attachment) Keep flirting with  previous girlfriend or boyfriend through facebook, or keeping their phone number even though you know that that relationship is not from God. Or you are married and still have some pending EMOTIONAL closures in your heart. Not having a emotional closure when God already asked you to close it; 3) Professional – Keep flirting with the idea to do business with someone you know God already asked you not to do so. )

6. Read John 5:9-14. Jesus told the man to “stop sinning” or something worse may happen to you. If we are to experience God’s good news of healing and restoration we need the right response. What is that response and what does that look like for you today?(Interesting statement from Jesus also is that the results of sin is worse than being crippled)

7. How are you going to live differently because of this passage of God’s word?

Julian Malotti