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Life Group Questions

  1. Note to Life Group leaders: Feel free to write your own questions Sunday. As you listen to the message take notes of the points that the Holy Spirit speaks to you.
  2. How did you understand these 2 verses before and after this Sunday? (Luke 9:1-6 and John 14:12-14)
  3. Read Luke 13:10-13 – Let’s talk about what the pastor mentioned about the short and Sweet prayers in Jesus’ name when we are praying for others for healing, specially the one who do not believe yet. What are your thoughts on it?
  4. Did you know that some diseases and illnesses can be caused by evil Spirits just as we read in Luke 13:10-13?
  5. What do you thing is the ultimate goal of healing found in Luke 13:10-13?
  6. How are you feeling about this reality that we can heal people in Jesus name?
Julian Malotti