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What did Jesus do?


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Life Group Announcements

  1. This is the last week for life group spring season. Talk to your group about taking a couple of weeks off if you will, or to simply hang out for dinner during the next 2 weeks. Also, the summer is a great time to do a lot of hang outs, BBQs, and invite unchurched friends to join the life group. In this season people already normally go to BBQs and spend a lot of time outdoors, so the summer has the potential to be the most evangelistic season of the year by simply inviting unchurched friends to join your group for fun activities.  Kind of cool, growing the kingdom of God through barbecuing.

Life Group Questions 

  1. Did you hear the Holy Spirit speak to you this past week or past Sunday? If so, how? (Note to leader: We want to encourage the church to be more Holy Spirit lead, and to be listening to God and His Spirit. Listening to God is key when we want to be led by God. Be the first one to share how the Holy Spirit spoke to you. This will model sharing, and model how to listen to God’s voice)
  2. Testimony time. Did you have any of your prayers answered this week? If so, would you mind sharing?
  3. Read Mark 4:1-20 and talk about the 4 types of soil
    1. Hard heart (Hard soil) – We allow the Enemy to steals it and say “not for you”
    2. No root, shallow soil – When we think that the Christian life will be a trouble free life, and we get discouraged from God’s path when trouble or persecution comes to us.
    3. Thorny soil – When the worries of the world like money and possessions are bigger than the desire to live for God.
    4. Good soil – A soil of faith and obedience. The promise is
  4. What is your weakness? Not believing that God’s blessings are for you, like hard soil? Or do you get discouraged in times of testing and hardships? Or is it the worries of this world?
  5. What do you practically do to win the victory against your weakness described in the previous question? (Encourage one another towards faith and obedience to God)
  6. Take about 15 minutes to share and pray for one another
Julian Malotti