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Helping the one who feels lonely, forgotten, or invisible.

By November 23, 2020No Comments
  1. Get spiritual Lasik
    • How can you begin to see people in a less judgmental perspective?
    • What kinds of people do you tend to judge most often?
    • What kinds of people are easy for you to ignore or overlook?
    • How has Jesus shown you love and attention when you probably deserved to be judged?
  2. Show up and do something
    • Has someone helped you at a time of need by showing up and doing something?
    • Can we earn our way to God by good works? Why then do we do good, in your own words?
    • How does doing good make you feel?
    • What actions do you take that is evidence that your faith is alive?
    • How can you, as part of the church, be someone who helps humanity?
    • How does showing people with our actions demonstrate God’s love to people?
Matthew 25:34-40
James 2:17-18, 26
If you’d like to be a part of our new outreach ministry, Impact the 619, please email Impact619@ and let us know in the subject line which ministry you want to be a part of
Samuel Rulli