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Life Group Announcement

  1. Next Sunday is Mission’s Sunday. Right after 2nd service we will be having a potluck for the Choi’s to celebrate them and send them off with God’s blessings. Bring a main dish and a dessert. This will be our last Sunday with the Choi’s thus your last chance to say goodbye.
  2. Men’s weekend is in 2 weeks. Go to the church’s website to register.

Life Group Questions

1.     What did the Holy Spirit say to you this past Sunday?
2.     In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He wants us to have an abundant life.  In Ephesians 3:20 we read that God wants to do immeasurable more than we can ask for or imagine.  Does this sound like your life?  Why or why not?  Are you living the abundant life that Christ came to give you?  Is your life full of God’s Joy?
3.     Read John 2:1-11.  In this passage Jesus performs His first miracle revealing His glory.  What jumps out at you most?  Why do you think the first miracle Jesus performs is turning water into wine?
4.     In John 2:1-4 we read that the wine was empty and Mary went to Jesus with the problem.  It was Jesus’ presence at the wedding that made the miracle possible.  How can we recognize Jesus’ presence more in our life so that we go to Him with all of our needs?
5.     Read John 2:5-10.  In this passage we read that Jesus tells the servants what to do…specifically fill 6 large jars full of water.  At this point in the story Jesus ceases to be a guest and becomes the one in charge.  Would you characterizes your relationship with Jesus as your friend and guest or the one in charge of your life?
6.     Notice that the amount of blessings (wine) was directly correlated to the amount of obedience (filling the jars), thus your joy is directly correlated to the amount of obedience to Christ.  Think about the areas you are struggling the most with.  Is there full obedience to Christ in that area? 
7.     One of the cool parts of this miracle is the fact that Jesus chose the ceremonial jars to turn into wine.  Wine was symbolic of Christ’s blood and sacrifice while the jars were symbolic of being spiritually clean.  The metaphor is that Christ turned a outward ritual into a foreshadowing of His sacrifice.  It is the blood (wine) that cleanses us through faith in Christ and no longer outward rituals.  God is looking for a relationship not rituals.  How does this truth apply to your life?


Julian Malotti