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Life Group Announcement 

  1. The men’s weekend is this Friday. Come to church 6pm for pizza. We’ll carpool and leave at 6:30pm. It’s $65 with everything included. To register go to and click on the Men’s weekend button.

Life Group Questions

  1. Christina  Choi shared that she had to wait 10 years for Joe Choi to say “yes” to going to the mission field. What are you waiting for? (Maybe it’s a family member to be saved, maybe a spouse, maybe a breakthrough, etc…) How hard is it to wait? And here is the million dollar question: How to wait for something and still be grateful, to love and serve God in the midst of waiting?
  2. God asked the Choi’s to go to Japan, and now, after they said yes to God, God is blessing them in all kinds of ways. Can you share a time that God asked you to do something, and when you did it, how God blessed you by it?
  3. The Choi’s mentioned that missions is not only when you go overseas. Missions can be done in the workplace and in our backyards. Where is your mission field? The place where God is asking you to represent Him?
  4. God sometimes asks us to leave our comfort for His kingdom? Maybe the discomfort of having to talk to strangers, maybe the discomfort to say “no” no a dream, etc… In what ways you fell like God keep asking you to obey HIM, and it’s a little uncomfortable to you.
  5. Pray for each other for boldness, obedience, so that we all can represent HIM in this world wherever we are.
Julian Malotti