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How to Deal with Feeling Stuck

How to Deal with Feeling Stuck

By December 31, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments
OB One Small Group Notes
Series: Year End Sermon: How to Deal with Feeling Stuck

Delivered by: Pastor Kris
Passages Used: Psalm 77:11-12, Romans 12:1-3, Proverbs 27:6, Psalm 139:23-24, Proverbs 29:18, Psalm 46
Today’s Questions: How do we deal with feeling “stuck?”
As a group, open up by reading together.
Person 1: Psalm 77:11-12
Person 2: Romans 12:1-3
Person 3: Proverbs 27:6, 29:18
Person 4: Psalm 139:23-24
Person 5: Psalm 46
Pray for God to guide your conversation together, & for the Holy Spirit to give wisdom & insight.
Leader: Before starting these questions, remember that you don’t have to “complete the list.” There are more questions listed than you have time to answer. Every major question has several smaller questions on the same idea/topic that you can use to keep things moving. They don’t have to all be individually answered. You know your group best, choose the ones that work best for your unique needs.
(Optional Resource: Watch “God’s Chisel” by The Skit Guys – 11 minutes 34 seconds)
Q1: Have a Good Memory
Today is where we live. But today isn’t the only place God is active. Why does having a good God-Memory give you hope & strength?
  • How has God been faithful in your past?
  • How is God being faithful today?
  • How might you see God being faithful in your tomorrow?
  • Read Matthew 6:25-34 to hear Jesus’ words on worry.
Q2: When do you rest in His faithfulness?
One of the best paths from worry to thankfulness is to count your blessings. When we reflect on what God has done, we dedicate time to remember, to think about & dwell on His handiwork in our lives.
  • Do you keep a journal? How has this helped you remember & reflect?
  • Who has been an encouragement to you for remembering God’s faithfulness?
  • Do you know anyone who helps you see around your “blind spots?”
  • How can you step into “being” from “doing” so you can stop, hit pause and spend time with God?
Q3: The Mirrors
Pastor Kris gave us a few mirrors to reflect from:
  • Take an honest assessment of yourself
  • Ask for feedback
  • Ask God for His take
  • Ask, “Am I living this life like God loves me?”
  • How do you filter feedback for God-honoring direction?
Read Proverbs 27:6 again.
  • What keeps us from engaging with these mirrors? (Fear, Regret, Lack of Priority, etc.)
  • Asking someone, “What is it like being on the other side of me?”
  • Are you fostering relationships that will allow this kind of genuine exchange?
Q4: We need vision
Pastor Kris talked about needing to re-imagine what life could be with Jesus, rather than just living life on life’s terms. Having vision can help you reimagine what life can be like, restoring purpose where our own version falls short.
  • What steps go along with reimagining? Talk through this together…do some brainstorming right now.
  • How can we support each other, in a transparent way, to see what can be in Christ?
  • Read Zephaniah 3:17 – What is God doing over you? How does really knowing this change things?
Q5: Good News Drives Us
Jesus died for us so we can live for Him. God is our Great Vision-Caster, bringing hope for the future beyond what we can see today.
Read Psalm 46 again together, one verse at a time, each person taking turns.
  • How has Jesus changed your life already?
  • How do you want Him to bring change for your tomorrow?
  • How can you meet Him on that journey?
  • Whose lives will be changed by the changes He will make in you? Friends? Spouse? Children? Family? Neighbors?
Point of Prayer for our Small Group: Pray over the areas that the people within your small group serve within, let different people choose one area (not their own) to pray over.
Kris Langdon