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Life Group Announcements 

  1. This is the last week of life group in this season. Summer season starts in the week of July 13. This is a good time to talk to the group about the break. Feel free to continue to meet if you and the group members would like to do so. (Breaks are optional). Feel free to take a break in the following 2 weeks to rest and not meet. Also feel free to have a get together hang out, go to the movies, or have a “invite a friend” potluck to make an eternal impact in other people’s lives.

Life Group Questions

  1. God saved us for 2 reasons.
    1. Because He loved us before He made the earth (Read Ephesians 1:4), and
    2. So that we would make an eternal impact and tell others about His love (Read 1 Peter 2:9)
    3. Question: What changes in you now that you know the purpose of your salvation?
  2. Read Matthew 5:16 and talk about the difference of a temporal impact, versus an eternal one. Talk about how some celebrities give millions of dollars to the poor, and make NO eternal impact, versus Christians that tithe, or give to missions a way smaller amount than the celebrity, and DO make an eternal impact. There is really no excuse, all of us can make an eternal impact with what we have right now.
  3. Read Matthew 6:19-21 and talk about it. Highlight the point that Jesus is not against saving, but He instructs us to save in heaven. And 2, highlight the point that our hearts will follow our investments “where your treasure is, there is your heart also”. If we want to have a heart for Africa, start making investments in Africa, if we want to have more of a heart for the youth, make time/money investments in the lives of youth, etc…
  4. Talk about the hundreds of ways that we can be making an eternal impact. Examples are: Asking people if they go to church, volunteering inside and outside the church, starting a Bible study in your job, by being a foster parent, going to visit the elderly…
  5. Talk about how challenging it is to invest in the kingdom of God because it is an invisible investment. We never know if that person’s heart is being changed, etc… versus how easy is to get distracted by the busyness of life with the things of this world.
  6. What is 1 thing that you are planning to change in your life to make an eternal impact in this world?

Bible verses

  • 1 PETER 2:9b
  • JOHN 17: 16 .
  • Definition of Eternal impact MATTHEW 5:16
  • MATTHEW 6:19-21
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