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God is better than you think

Jesus: Our friend; The one we Serve, and Worship

By April 23, 2018No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. Burn is this Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. Come worship with us even if you only have 30 minutes.
  2. Men’s weekend is coming up May 5th and 6th. Cost is $50. Register at

Life Group Questions

  1. Have you encountered the Holy Spirit this week? If so, how? (Some people may have heard the voice of God, His comfort, or direction. The point of this question is to foster and encourage people to live life in God’s presence. If you as a leader have had an encounter with God, be the first one to share to model it)
  2. What is the main way you feel God speaks to you? And How do you foster God’s presence?
  3. Sunday we Read John 12:1-3. Feel free to read it and summarize it in 5 minutes or so. The core of the message was the 3 levels of relationship we all need to foster with God. The friend, like Lazarus sitting at the table with Jesus; Like Martha, we need to serve God by serving others; And like Mary, we need to be worshippers.
  4. Let’s take turns and talk about these 3 aspects. What does it mean to be God’s friend, servant, and worshipper, and how do you practice these 3 in your life?
  5. Feel free to conclude the conversation part with another summary of the discussion
  6. Take about 15-20 to pray for each other. Encourage people to stay in silence to hear the voice of God. Ask the group “Did anyone hear anything from the Holy Spirit that you would like to share?”
Julian Malotti