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God is better than you think

Living in the Fullness of God’s Goodness

By May 21, 2018No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. OB One is starting a brand new ministry for young adults ages 18-28. If you feel called to work with people in this age group,  join us June 3rd right after 2nd service for a lunch meeting to brainstorm ideas and talk about this new exciting ministry.
  2. June 16th is “Activate love” workshop from 9 am to 4 pm. Come learn how to love on people in practical ways so that we can take this new lifestyle to our families, workplace, and wherever we go. The cost is $15. Register at

Life Group Questions 

  1. Feel free to do a night os testimonies. If you chose to do so, say to the group: Tonight we will have a moment of testimonies. What has God done in your life, or is currently doing in your life that you would like to share with the group in order to praise God for it?
  2. You can start with prayer this week and devote more time blessing each other instead of only a few minutes at the end. You can start with 2-minute per person prayer requests. Then pray for each other before the group discussion if you will.
  3. Read 1 Samuel 17:34-37
  4. Sunday pastor Joe talked about our private battles, and how God uses our private battles to prepare us for future victories just like David that fought a lion and a bear, in preparation for Goliath. Isn’t this a new perspective on our private battles? If so, what’s in your mind about this topic?
  5. Pastor Joe mentioned that every sin, or sinful desire we have is rooted in a desire given to us by God. If those desires are not fulfilled by God and His ways they are destructive. The examples he used were: Drugs are bad but the desire to feel good is not. We are supposed to look to God and the Holy Spirit as our source to feel good not drugs or anything else. Greed is bad, but it is rooted in a real desire to feel secure and provided for. Lust / Fornication are rooted in a real desire to be love and intimate in a context of marriage. Let’s talk about the desires we all have, and how can they be fulfilled God’s way instead of the wrong way. What are some of the desires you have, and how can you fulfill those God’s way?
  6. Do you remember what pastor Joe talked about the difference between true and truth, actions and identity?
    1. He said that if a Christian cheats, even though it is true that they committed a sin, the truth is that their identity continues to be “A child of God”, not a cheater. Our actions will definitely affect our future but it does not affect our identity. That’s why Jesus said “the truth will set you free” not the true (facts) of what you have done.
    2. He used the example of his daughter leaning to walk. She fell 1000 times but he celebrated the 2 steps instead of putting her down for the 1000 falls. We in the same way need to celebrate our, and each other’s progress more, instead of focusing on the imperfections and “falls”.  Let’s talk about this profound difference of the truth and what is true


Julian Malotti