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God is better than you think

We are God’s Heroes on Earth

By May 29, 2018No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. OB One is starting a brand new ministry for young adults ages 18-28. If you feel called to work with people in this age group,  join us June 3rd right after 2nd service for a lunch meeting to brainstorm ideas and talk about this new exciting ministry.
  2. June 16th is “Activate love” workshop from 9 am to 4 pm. Come learn how to love on people in practical ways so that we can take this new lifestyle to our families, workplace, and wherever we go. The cost is $15. Register at
  3. SAVE the DATE and start saving some cash. Marriage Getaway September 14-16 Register at The cost is $395 including 2 nights in a beautiful resort

Life Group Questions 

  1. (To leaders only) This is week 8 out of 11. In 3 weeks most groups take a 2-week break. Start talking about the break, and start thinking about the summer plans for the group.
  2. (To leaders only) One of the big points of Life Groups is to become a little family within the church family so think about ideas on how to foster a family environment like eating together, doing stuff together like going bowling, and to the movies, having BBQs,…. Feel free to use the life group night to do those things once in a while. It’s a balance of living life together and growing our relationship with God together. Feel free to balance the gatherings with studying the message 2 or 3 weeks, then doing a dinner potluck, etc…
  3. Questions for this week: How are you personally growing your relationship with the Holy Spirit? What are you doing to foster being in God’s presence, and listening to Him?
  4. If you took notes what was the most important thing you learned Sunday
  5. Let’s Read Ephesians 3:9-11 and talk about the reality that as we do God’s work on earth we are not only representing God but also subduing the earth and the enemy as God asked us to in Genesis 1:28. In other words, we are God’s heroes to do GOD’s work on earth. Question: Have you ever thought about the relation that this truth that we are God’s heroes on earth, with the innate desire for greatness everyone has since we are little kids?
  6. The enemy wants us to believe we are no good, that we do not qualify to do God’s work because of our past, etc… because he is the only one that benefits from a powerless Christianity. Has the enemy ever deceived you that you don’t qualify to do God’s work? If so how? And how do you find victory and not fall for his tricks and still DO God’s work? (life group leader: Feel free to be the first ones to share and be vulnerable)
  7. If God is in us, beautiful is in us, powerful is in us, awesome is in us,… and that makes us in HIM beautiful, powerful, awesome,… Have you ever thought of yourself as these things and more? If not, let’s change the way we think, cause that is who we are. Let’s talk about this reality that is so counter-intuitive.
  8. Pray for each other


Julian Malotti