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Foundations of our Faith

Our NEW identity in Christ

By November 6, 2016No Comments

Life Group Announcement

  1. The men’s weekend is this coming Friday. Show up to OB1 at 6pm Friday with $65 and come as you are. The retreat is in a new location called “Camp Cedar Glen” in Julian. If you are planning to drive straight to the retreat place, make sure you get the correct address and directions.
  2. 12 hours of prayer called “BURN” is next Friday from 8am until 8pm.

Life Group Questions 

  1. Jacobs name means “deceiver”. For fun, look up the meaning of your name online. Does it define who you are? If you were to give yourself a name, what would it be? (Faith, Grace, Runs-a-Lot, Loves-to-surf, stands-with-a-fist, etc!)
  2. How do you define yourself? In other words, what do you think defines who you are?. Be honest.
    1. Your job or what you do, i.e. I am a lawyer, or I am a policeman.
    2. Your kids or grandkids and what they do or don’t do!
    3. Your hobbies, i.e. I am a surfer, I’m a golfer, I am an outdoorsman.
  3. Compare the previous answer to what God says about you, and who you are if you follow Christ.
    1. Always loved deeply as a child of God.
    2. Always without guilt or shame
    3. Never alone and adopted into the eternal family of God
  4. What fears drove Jacob? (Genesis 31:27,31; 32:6-8). Discuss how fear can cause bad decisions and problems in life. Believes that God doesn’t want us to live in fear, because His perfect love has cast out fear! (1 John 4:18)
Julian Malotti