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Foundations of our Faith

Rebekah and Jacob’s deceit, Isaac and Esau

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Life Group Announcements

  1. The guy’s weekend is November 11-12. It will cost $65. For more info text “weekend” to 619-536-0006

Life Group Questions

  1. What did you learn from God and the Bible Sunday?
  2. Whose responsibility is it to teach the young Christians about marriage? What is the responsibility of the single Christian as far as learning about dating and marriage?
  3. Rebekah thought that God lost control and that God’s promises would not be fulfilled in Jacob’s life. As a result, she plots a deceitful lie to deceive her husband Issac? Every time we are tempted to do something that is not God honoring we should pause and ask ourselves “Why do I want to do this?” then pay attention to find the root of the problem. Have you ever tried going deeper than the surface action, to find the heart issue? If so, what did you learn?
  4. in 27:36 Esau shifts blame to Issac instead of taking responsibility for his action when he sold his birthrights to Jacob (25:33-34). What do we gain / profit when we shift blame? What do we profit / gain when we admit our faults?
  5. Talk about Consequences. Galatians 6:7. Everyone reaps what they have sown. God and bad consequences. Our future depends on the choices we make today

Bible verses we Read Sunday

  1. GENESIS 26:34-35 (Point # 1 – Isaac did not teach his kids about marriage at young age)
    1. GENESIS 28:1
    2. GENESIS 28:8
  2. GENESIS 27:1-4 (Point # 2 – Rebekah panics and deceives her husband Issac)
    1. GENESIS 25:23 -The LORD said: “the older will serve the younger”
  3. GENESIS 27:36 (Point # 3 – Esau does not take responsibility for his actions, Instead he blameshifts)
    1. 1 JOHN 1:9
  4. GENESIS 29:18 (Point # 4 – Consequences always come. Good ones to those who do good, bad ones to those who do bad)
    1. Galatians 6:7


Julian Malotti